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One of the first things that someone will recognize and judge you for is your body language. Before you even open your mouth, people have already made assumptions about your personality based solely on how you carry yourself. Many guys don’t even realize how important this is, but your expressions and movements do say a lot about you. From job interviews to first dates, the way you conduct yourself through body language can be the difference between landing that new gig and embarrassing yourself in front of a potential mate. Which scenario would you prefer? There are some sure-fire ways to ensure that you exude confidence though, let’s take a look at some of the must-dos of body language.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is the number one thing that will improve your body language. Direct eye contact with those who you are first meeting will tell them that you are self-assured and assertive. When you are having a conversation, make sure that you are not looking around. Look at the person right in the eyes, not above, below or to the sides. This is especially important during an interview or a meeting. A potential employer or business partner wants to be assured that you know what you are talking about and eye contact is the best way to achieve that. Eye contact is also one of the easiest ways to start improving, you can go out and try it right away! Make sure not to just stare at people though, that can be kind of weird.

Standing Tall with Good Posture

Standing tall with good posture is another excellent way to emit self-confidence. This means that you need to have your posture erect, your shoulders back and your head up straight. Slouching is not only terrible for your posture and in turn your back, but you really just look like you have no confidence at all when you’re walking all hunched over with a lowered head. People will not take you seriously and this is the absolute last thing that any guy wants. You want to look sure of yourself and standing tall is a guaranteed way to do it. Widening your stance can also make you more confident. Try to keep your feet at a wider distance than normal and see how it works. You should be feeling better about yourself right away.

Walking Gait

How you walk is one more example of how you can improve in this area. You know what we’re talking about. There are guys out there who just ooze confidence simply by the way they carry themselves down the street. This is something people absolutely notice out in the wild. When you are at the bar or club and you go to approach someone, they don’t want to see a hunched over schlub, looking at the ground and not at them. Aim to have long strides, a straight, tall back and your head looking forward. This will get people staring.

Talking with Your Hands

You see people doing this all of the time and there is a reason for it. Talking with your hands adds an extra way for people to visualize and pay attention to what you are saying. When you are describing something important, you want the people who are watching and listening to be able to follow along as best they can. Making hand movements to accentuate your words helps people to stay tuned in. It has also been shown that when people talk with their hands, they are able to form clearer thoughts and are less hesitant in their speech. Being uncertain when talking is never a good thing! So, try out incorporating more hand movements into your conversations.


Smiling is the best way for you to get a positive response when meeting and talking to people. Smiling makes you seem confident, happy and approachable all with one simple expression. Think about it, who would you rather engage with? Someone who has an infectious smile, or someone who looks angry or upset? That seems like a pretty easy question to answer. Smiling has many positive benefits. People tend to remember people who smile more, smiles stimulate feelings of well-being and smiles will most often give you a positive response in return.

Body language may not seem like it is all that important, but you would be very wrong if you thought that. Being a guy, we need to be viewed as confident and assertive in many areas of our lives. Having good body language is key to achieving this. Try out the tips listed above and we pretty much guarantee that you will be getting positive responses immediately!