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7 Winter Wardrobe Staples Every Man Should Own


Before the weather gets really cold, this is the perfect jacket that fits any type of situation. A long, wool peacoat is great for a casual meet up for some drinks or a fancier date where you’re looking to impress. One of the best things about the peacoat is that it comes in a variety of colors while still keeping its elegant style. From grey and black to tan and navy, there is a peacoat to match any of your outfits.

Puffer Jacket

The puffer is a classic winter jacket. This is your everyday jacket; one you wear to work and the grocery store. The puffer is an excellent all-around jacket due to its versatility, weatherproof exterior and various styles. They also come in many different thicknesses, so you can get one for spring and one for the dead of winter.

7 Winter Wardrobe Staples Every Man Should Own


Turtlenecks have made a huge come back in recent years. No longer are these just for nerdy guys or your friendly neighborhood dad. Turtlenecks are now worn by some of the most famous and fashion forward people out there. A basic navy turtleneck is the perfect addition to your daily wardrobe. This will get a lot of use.


The beanie is the essential head wear for any guy during the wintertime. Let’s be real, keeping your noggin warm is a pretty essential duty. Nowadays there are so many different types of beanies it is kind of crazy. It is usually a good idea to stick with the basics. Get a beanie that fits your head. There seems to be a trend where some beanies are too big and hanging off and some that are so small, they don’t even cover your ears. What is the point of that? Don’t ask me. Just pick a neutral color that can go with any outfit and you’re good to go.


Throwaway everything you have heard about men wearing scarves. It is all nonsense. Scarves are an essential piece of the male wardrobe. Once you wear one, you will never go back to not wearing one. They make you feel so much warmer while adding a tinge of color and class to your whole ensemble. Go for a nice knitted wool scarf, in a color like crème or light grey. This will ensure you can wear it with anything.

7 Winter Wardrobe Staples Every Man Should Own


I know what you’re thinking. Gloves, really? Yes, gloves! Gloves can add an elegant flare to any outfit. Get a really nice pair of leather gloves and they will last you forever. Keep your digits warm, guys, they’re important.

Suede Desert Boots

Suede desert boots are your going out boot. They are great for a nice night out while still keeping your feet warm. They are not bulky looking or very heavy, so they are a great addition to any outfit. They keep you looking good without having to sacrifice warmth or style. They come in a wide range of colors, but the light tan is the way to go. This is the cleanest looking color. Just make sure you grab some water proofer and spray them to keep any water or snow off.

If you add all of these winter staples to your wardrobe, you are sure to stay warm while still looking as good as you want. Nobody wants to have to ruin their entire outfit just to save some heat. Do yourself a favor and don’t wait to get all of these. You won’t regret it.

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When winter comes upon us with all of its frigid, unfriendly weather, we associate the new season with a changing of clothes. Digging into the depths of our closet, we dread having to put away our stylish tees and shorts while bringing out the bulky jackets and boots. It is really a sad moment. However, not all is lost. Your cold climate outfits do not need to be the bane of your existence. There is a multitude of options out there that can turn your drab winter attire into an impressive look.